The article in question is MTV Multiplayer’s Xbox 360 Community Developers Still Don’t Know Sales Figures.

Let’s start with the information about the payment statistics the creators had: Interestingly the news items on the Creators homepage does not seem to say anything about it but it is in the Submission Agreement (hence known to anyone participating in XBLCG as we all read such stuff when it comes to money, right?) and in some threads on the forums, namely: Pheel in Money/Download numbers. and Jenkmeister in Can you see the copies sold?, both vague about the why but explicit about the not yet and as soon as possible.

Considering the thread Sales Figures/Data “by Match” that was sparked off by the article the “[…] the situation is more troublesome behind the scenes, Community Games developers told MTV Multiplayer, speaking on the condition of anonymity” seems unbelievable as a lot of creators do express their displease with the current situation in full publicity there. And earlier the month, Jason Swearingen of Novaleaf fame raised the issue in public, too…

In the end the article looks like an alternative to the initially planned one about how XBLCG is doing. But as the inquired developers could not provide any data about their sells the MTV Multiplayer news outlet (ya ya ;)) decided to report about a not-quite-new-and-relatively-known issue instead. The only up side of this thing is that it forced an official post from MS at Where’s My Money?