or: If you don’t know English, you’re not a programmer!?

I think I have to agree with Erling Paulsen: The German localization of VS.NET was/is horrible, Windows XP has a few issues and Windows Vista (which I have yet to try the Germanized version off) is said to have even more. In VS.NET it seems like they thoughtlessly translated every single word to justify their work, which resulted in such gems like References being called Verweise – not wrong per se but it is more commonly used for Links and Referenzen would have been a better choice. These, erm, weird dictionaries used in the process of l10n make it annoyingly cumbersome to follow some English 3rd party tutorials/tips.

In regard to translated documentation: I wouldn’t use it. Maybe it is because I learned programming during the dark ages when everything development related was English – it is even possible to claim I learned English through such documentation – or maybe the early days of localizations spoiled my conception of its quality. Also, new things are always available in English only first, with translations being added later (if at all), and if you want to stay on top of the technology advances you need to understand English. And, as Erling mentioned, searching for localized error messages is next to useless and retranslating to English is a rather hard task due to the aforementioned dictionaries.

In the end I only code in English: my comments, my variable names and everything else is in English and it feels unnatural to use German…